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The foundation of SLSB was laid in 5, August, 1999. It was the brainchild of all the surgeons of Bangladesh with a vision to form a platform for the development of Laparoscopic surgical skills.

Aims and Objectives:
✓ To provide an organization for the benefit and services to the patients suffering from various surgical problems and associated conditions correctable by laparoscopic procedures.
✓ To foster, support and encourage academic, clinical and research activities and achievement in diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy.
✓ To teach diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy by organization training course and keep up date to the recent advances by organization lectures, discussion, conferences, seminars, symposia and workshop.
✓ To provide standards of training and practice for the surgeons in this specialty and also the provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in laparoscopy and related sciences.
✓ To carry out any activity appropriate for supporting the highest level of performance of Laparoscopy.
✓ To create and maintain unity, co-operation, solidarity & fellow feeling amongst the Laparoscopic Surgeons of Bangladesh & also other members of Surgical disciplines including members of medical profession and auxiliary & works in the service.
✓ To protect the rights & privileges of the members & to uphold & maintain the dignity, honour & prestige of the surgeons & the profession in delivering service to the humanity.
✓ To assist, co-operate, affiliate & join in federation with national & international organization holding similar aims & objectives.

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